Armchair H 269
Jindřich Halabala

Armchair H 269

Kreslo Halabala H 269-800x534

This icon of Czech furniture production during the First Republic – the H269 armchair – is one of Jindřich Halabala’s most well-known designs and it was still being mass-produced in the 1950s. Thanks to its elegant shape and the comfort it provided, the armchair found countless satisfied owners. Modernista has brought it back with licensed small-scale production.

The method of upholstery is resolved on demand. It is possible to manufacture the easy chair in the classical format with compressible springs of various sizes. Consequently, it is possible to use African grass and horsehair stuffing. The standard configuration is layered polyurethane material on a spring base. Another option is the modern way of upholstering using the so called registers and rubber string mats. The wooden frame can be made ​​in any veneer or RAL scale colour.