WIKOV Conference room

WIKOV Conference room

The conference room and Wikov 7-28 vehicle in the lobby of the renovated headquarters of the eponymous engineering company in Hronov acts as an exhibit displaying the shared tradition of craftsmanship of producing furniture and automobiles: the precision of design, decades of proven performance and natural beauty.

The concept of a meeting room for the company Wikov was envisaged from the beginning as a shift towards the values of the First Republic. All the pieces of furniture are tied to important figures or companies of that period.

The central element is the conference table used and designed by the Baťa company for presenting new footwear collections. The morphology of the table is an understated elegance and attention is first and foremost drawn to the selection of walnut veneer, finished with an oil layer.

The monumentality of the table is lightened by tubular chairs designed by J. Halabala. The rattan wicker in the chairs appears delicate in contrast to the compact mass of the table and thus the whole sitting arrangement gives a balanced impression.

On the tabletop, functionalist lamps designed and produced in the 1930s by the company F. Anýž stand out. These original table lamps are found in the period interior of the Villa Müller. Used as an individual lighting element was a floor lamp designed by architect Pavel Smetana. The lamp can be used for setting the general lighting atmosphere of the room as well as for direct lighting of a specific place. The tilting lampshade is a detail that attracts attention and is also extremely practical.

The atmosphere of the meeting room is enhanced by the black-stained Vichr dresser, which has a backlit interior and integrated refrigerator. The functionalist oak cabinet and coat rack unobtrusively and simply complete the whole, with each piece in its place and serving its purpose.

 Architectural design: IXA, Ing. arch. Tomáš Hradečný, Ing. arch. Benedikt Markel