Writing desk H 180

Our own reproduction of this popular model of writing desk, which in the 1930s was one of the most luxurious mass-produced items from UP. Available in any finish. We are now also introducing a single-sided version of the desk. This desk is a beautiful example of the Czech furniture-making philosophy…


2 x 3 x 5 = 30 Janák´s vases from 1911 are a lesson in good design – two curves, three sizes and five variations on a decorative pattern – a collection of 30 vases that look so original and contemporary it is hard to believe they were designed almost…

Armchair TU

UP did not mass-produce this armchair – Halabala’s team designed it as part of a special commission to furnish the mansion of Brno entrepreneur Stanislav Neděla in Tulešice (see period photo).

Coffee set

This set in a twelve-faced conical shape with angular in black dashed zigzag decor. The set includes a cup and saucer, sugar dish and a medium pot. We also sell the set by piece. Reproduction of the originals held by the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague. Material: porcelain Manufactory:…

Coffee table

The latest addition to our collection of Jindřich Halabala designs. Its original manufacturer – UP závody – made it in several versions: round or square top with optional second top 18 cm below the main one.


These hand-made and hand-painted replicas of toys called Elephant, Rhinoceros, Walrus and Camel are an ideal portrayal of Sutnar’s modern concept of a toy that combines the principles of new teaching methods, abstract art and what was originally intended as low-cost industrial production. Reproduction of the originals held by the Museum…


Loos used this very unusual looking sofa in at least three interiors. The most admired one is the Villa Müller in Prague, where he placed two pieces in the living room just in front of the fireplace.

Decanter set (6+1)

Hofman´s stunningly modern decanter set was designed in 1911 for a competition held by the Museum of Decorative Arts, Prague. It lost to a more traditional entry, but with time emerged as the real winner. Nearly a century later, the unusual conically shaped glasses are still perfect for sipping liqueurs…

Armchair H 275

Modernista has recently launched a replica of the H 275 armchair, considered to be one of the best designs of architect Jindřich Halabala. The armchair’s wooden sides are elegantly and relatively elaborately shaped and the attractive timeless look is further enhanced by the wooden detail between the backrest and the seat,…

Crystalline box

No other object captures the spirit of Janák’s early cubist works better than this crystal-inspired box. Probably produced as a one-off, the box is a complex composition of angles, sharp points and folded planes. The thin black lines complete the dynamic sculpture and distract from its basic function as a box.

Respect tradition - Be modern.

Modernista was founded in 1999 with the aim of creating a unique store in the Czech Republic which will offer the best of Czech design from the last 100 years. In addition to its own production, Modernista also collects and restores valuable original pieces of furniture, lamps and objects of daily use. Over more than 20 years on the market Modernista has become known as a specialist in Czech design and applied art and a time-proven manufacturer and seller of 20th century as well as contemporary design.

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