Armchair H-70 non-positioning

Jindřich Halabala
Armchair H-70 non-positioning

od 37 950 Kč

Armchair H-70 non-positioning is  a variant of a very popular model. It is a streamlined chair made of wooden sides made of bent wood. High comfort is ensured by a firm attachment of the seat and backrest. The surface treatment of the basic version of the beech frame is made of colorless semi-matt varnish. The wood can be left under the varnish in a natural color or stained. The seat and backrest for the basic version are made of compression springs and polyurethane foam.

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Price: 37 950 CZK + 3 m of upholstery material (leather consumption is 5 m2) Dimensions: height 79 x width 67 x depth 90 cm, seat height 40 cm