Recliner H 70

Jindřich Halabala
Recliner H 70


Recliner H 70 is one of the most favourite prototypes originally manufactured by UP. These original pieces are today the object of considerable collector interest, both in the Czech Republic and abroad. Among the most sought-after items is the line of streamlined armchairs formed with bentwood sides and inserted cushions, of which we offer authorised reproductions. Armchairs from this series became one of the most successful models of corporate production over the course of the 1930s and remain one of the most popular today.


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35 950 CZK + 2,5 basic cover material in width of 140 cm

Dimensions: height 92 x width 66 x depth 94 cm, seat height 43 cm

Price per base:

13 950 CZK + 1 regular metre of covering material in width 140 cm

Dimensions: 55 x 55, seat height 40 cm

Custom design

Painting of the frame can be any color from the RAL scale, both in matt / surcharge of 7.000 CZK /, so high polished / surcharge 8.000 CZK / surface treatment.

Frame veneer is available in any available veneer and finished in matt, semi-gloss or gloss. The prices of veneers and the intensity of painting are different, so the total price can be precisely determined by the choice of material and the way of finishing. It will range between 5,000 and 12,000 CZK.

For pillows made of high quality cold foam for which the manufacturer provides a 20 year warranty, an extra 3,000 CZK is charged.

Pillows can be coated with any fabric, leather or leather, either from our offer or selected and delivered by the customer.

If we choose cover material from our offer, we charge only a net price.