Cubist ashtray

Vlastislav Hofman
Cubist ashtray

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Cubist ashtray – between 1911 and 1920, Hofman developed ground-breaking Cubist ceramics, and metal and glass objects for the manufacturing co-operative Artěl. His vases, ashtrays and coffee sets number among the most distinctive Cubist decorative objects of their time alongside Janák’s Crystal box.

Reproduction of the original held by the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague.

Material: earthenware

Manufactory: hand-decorated glazed cast

white: 1 190 CZK

white and black: 1 590 CZK

black and white: 1 850 CZK



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white: 890 CZK

whiteblack: 1.190 CZK

blackwhite: 1.390 CZK